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Potato - Onion - Carrot Storages and Storage Equipments

Space Finders 

This Space Finder is designed in such a way that bulk stores are filled in the most effective manner. The space Finder makes sure every inch of the storage facility is used.


Belt width : 600 mm

Belt length maximal : 9500 mm

Belt length minimal : 6350 mm

Minimal swing reach : 7000 mm

Maximal swing reach : 13000 mm

Minimal length in front of wheels : 3500 mm

Maximal length in front of wheels : 8000 mm

Maximal discharge height : 5400 mm

In feed height : 1000 mm

Height adjusting system : hydraulic

Swinging system : on a rail

Drive drum motor : 2,2 kw

Dolly wheel motor : 0,37 kw

Motor swing system : 0,18 kw

Remote control : with 10 meters cable 


Pick Up Scooters

This  Pick Up scooter is designed to empty bulk storage facilities. The bulk stores are cleared by the Pick Up scooter by scooping up the produce. There is one driver needed, who will be working in comfort.


Belt width pick-up part : 450 mm

Belt width telescopic part : 500 mm

Minimal length : 6500 mm

Maximum length : 9100 mm

Motor telescope belts : 1,5 kw

Pick up driver motors : 2x0,37 kw

Motor pick up belt : 1,5 kw