Hassas, hızlı ve
doğru sınıflandırma


Kurutma Tünelleri

Drying tunnels are the units where water and wax on the surface of the fruits are dried with the help of heated air.

The new model energy efficient drying tunnels developed based on customer needs through the many years of experience in the business, can run on various energy sources such as solar power, solid fuels, electricity.

The drying tunnel is composed of 2 modules and is 7,5 meters long. Depending on the capacity, it can be manufactured in various widths. Temperature and humidity sensors, radial fan, ventilation flaps and heat exchanger present in each module assist to ensure necessary conditions for optimum drying.

Parameters such as temperature, humidity, air speed, etc. which are important in the drying process are precisely checked to ensure better drying of products.

The automatic roller washing system is composed of a water spraying pipe, pneumatic pressure rollers, brush and dosage pump. They ensure easy cleaning of dirty rollers.

Drying tunnels are coated with 10 cm. thick polyurethane sandwich panels to ensure thermal insulation.