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doğru sınıflandırma


Çap Boylama

This machine is equipped with lateral placed grading rolls out of stainless steel.
The distance between these rolls changes in steps over the different grading
stages. Conveyor belts are placed under the machine, one for each grading

When the distance between the rollers changes above the size sections, every second roller lowers its position. This ensures a proper positioning of the product between the rollers. The speed is adjustable by frequency control, and the machine is equiped with a special greasing system.

Conveyors are placed under the machine to transport the graded sizes to the side.
Width of these conveyors is 60 cm, standard length 300 cm. These conveyors can be placed in any position under the machine. On request longer conveyors can be delivered.


•    Stainless steel plating : If needed, the machine can be fitted with stainless steel plating.

•    Brush : When dry products are graded, it is necessary to opt for the optional brush. This brush cleans the rollers of the machine from dirt or dust that sticks to the rollers when grading dry products.

•    Reverse switch on the transport belts : In some cases it is needed that the outlet belts of the grading machines are able to transport produce to two sides. Therefore, we offer an optional reverse switch for the transport belts.

•    Fall dampers : When the belts directly fill boxes, optional fall dampers can be fitted to reduce the falling height.

•    Bag holder : Customers may choose to fill bags directly from the grading machine. For this situation, we offer a bag holder to simplify this process.

•    Roofs sticked with rubber : When very delivate product is grader on an this grading machine, the roofs can be sticked with rubber, which reduces the falling height.


Length (mm) : Depending on model
Width (mm) : 1650
Minimum grading (mm) : 6-30 depending on the model
Maximum grading ( mm) : 69-130 depending on the model
Chain pitch : 63-100 depending on the model
Diameter rollers (mm) : 57-84 depending on the model
Drive grading bed (Kw) : 1,5
Width transport belts standard (mm) : 600
Drive transport belts (Kw) : 0,75
Drive transport belts more than 600 in width (Kw) : 1,1