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Hydro Cooler

This hydrocooler is designed to cool down the produce, especially carrots, before transportation. This dramatically increases the shelf-life of the produce.

The needed cooling capacity (kW) is calculated by multiplying the difference between the infeed and outfeed temperature. This is then multiplied by 1,36. For example, based on a 20 degrees infeed temperature, and a 4 degrees outfeed temperature, the needed cooling capacity is ((16*10)*1.36) 217.6 kW/h.

We are able to deliver hydrocoolers that are capable of cooling produce from a very low volume, to very large quantities.
This hydrocooler must work with fresh and clean water. Water needs regularly refreshment.

The produce is transported by a Intralox® flush grid, which is a special open polyethylene belt for the food industry. The cooling unit is a 'Bitzer' air cooled condensing unit with semi hermetic reciprocating compressor, with an air cooled Helpman condensing unit. Furthemore, the liquid receiver is TÜV tested.


•    Cool-Unit Capacity 300 kW

•    Installation parts


Capacity : 300 Kw
2 x Sieve bow for organic waste width : 2000 mm
Pump : 210 m3
Cooling plates : 90 pieces
Intralox belt, length : 12800 mm
Intralox belt, width : 1400 mm
Water level adjustment : yes
Water tank length : 12300 mm
Power connection : 32 A / 400 v