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Parlatma Üniteleri

These polishers are designed to wash and polish produce. This process is commonly used at companies that want to give their produce a 'premium' look and feel. Furthermore, a lot of irregularities in the product will be polished away by this machine, and this process increases the shelf life of produce as well.

The machine consists of a rotating drum with counterrotating brushes. This causes the top surface of the product to be cleaned very thoroughly. Depending on the produce and required result, we will advice on the hardness of the brush. Drum is secured with four rollers in case one power belt breaks.


•    Water cleaning system : We offer a water cleaning system for water coming out of the machine. This system is recommendable when the water from the machine is directed to a water basin, as this system cleans the water from larger particles.

•    Legs up to height 1000 mm

•    Legs up to height 2000 mm

•    Water Tank TD300-14

•    Plastic box for water from sieve bend: 430 Ltr.

•    Plastic box for dirt: 430 Ltr.

•    Submerged Pump(6m3) in the box + höse

•    Hydraulic lift system with hand pump at one side

•    Brush ring depends on hardness


Length : 4200 mm
Width : 1600 mm
Height without frame : 2100
Infeed width : 750 mm
Outfeed width : 700 mm
Doors : made out of PE, Finished with stainless steel plating
Frame : is galvanized and powder coated
Number of brushes axis : 14
Length of axis : 3000 mm
Diameter of the brushes : 200 mm
Length per brush segment : 80 mm
Brush segments each brush roll : 38 pieces
Brush hardness options : 0,30; 0,35; 0,40; 0,45; 0,5; 0,6; 0,7 mm
Brush hardnesses : can be combined
Brushes : with quick release system