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Machine data – Weighing machine AVN112-CW10EV

The main features of the weighing machine AVN112-CW10EV are exact weighing of the products according

to preset programs with a medium to high operating speed. The products are weighed in 10 weighing
buckets, collected and the required weight discharged into the linked packaging machine. The weighing
machine may be combined with any packaging machine. The menu-driven operating dialogue via touch
panel ensures an easy operation, whereas preset programs enable a quick change of products.
The conveying speed is continuously adjustable by the electro-vibration drive.




Additional options

  • Discharge systems with infeed or central collector, change-over flap, cross-feed conveyors, manual
  • filling device(depending on the closing machine)
  • Stainless steel design
  • Counting equipment
  • Inspection platform with stairs
  • Additional program for weighing small batches (100-500g)