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The U range washing machines are designed to operate with a water basin. In this water basin, the water used in the machine is recirculated to be used again.

The washing drum of the machine is designed to agitate produce in the machine. In combination with water, this process gives an optimal cleaning result.

This washing machine has an outfeed web belt with cleats. The outfeed height of the machine is therefore adjustable, and the excess water falls through the web.


•    Pintle rubber in the drum : In some cases, especially with a very sticky soil on the produce, it helps to have more agitation of the produce by adding pintle rubber. Usually pintle rubber is used to clean the small holes of potatoes, but it can also be used to agitate carrots for a better cleaning result.

•    Brush in the drum : A brush in the drum is used for extra cleaning of the produce. because this agitates the produce more, and has a cleaning effect on the produce, especially heavier soil is cleaned off the produce more effectively.

•    Electric pneumatic valve for water level adjustment : An electric pneumatic valve for water level adjustment is used to automatically regulate the water level in the machine. 

•    Fan on the outlet belt : In some cases, it is desirable that the produce on the outlet belt is dried a little bit. when this is the case, we offer an optional fan on the outlet belt. 

•    Recirculation system : If there is no water basin available at the site, the customer can opt for the recirculation system in the machine. This system consists of a water bin under the drum with a pump that sends the water back to to the spray pipes.

•    Supply/recirculation pump : Whether a water basin or a recirculation system is used, the water needs to be pumped to the spray pipes. We optionally offer these pumps if required.


Total length : 5600 mm
Total width : 1400 mm
Output height : adjustable
Length drum : 3000 mm
Diameter drum : 1000 mm
Width input chute : ca. 1000 mm
Opening web belt : 11 mm
Material drum : stainless steel 
Motor drum : 1,5 Kw 1:20
Drive drum : fan belt
Electric switchboard : Left / Right
Dosing door : PE
Height input : 1500 mm