Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting


TAREND is an innovative supplier of turn-key solutions for the sorting, dehydrating and packing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Company was founded in 1981 and expanded its product range by combining years of production experience with the existing perfectionist approach and high quality concept.

TAREND is the market leader in Turkey in sorting technology. Working together with many satisfied customers in Turkey, TAREND has also been doing considerable business in the Middle East, North Africa and European countries.

TAREND’s strongest characteristic is emphasizing on the R&D process with the objective of designing products for the future. Combining TAREND’s superior engineering skills with unique designs makes life easy.

TAREND is a customer oriented company and customer satisfaction is top priority for the company. While providing the best solutions; we can still keep our prices at globally very competitive levels. TAREND has kept high quality and cost-effective production, service warranty and the customer satisfaction as its priorities since the establishment.