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Washing Units

The washing unit is the section where fruits are washed using water and foam and dried by latex sponges.

The complete unit is made of stainless steel. 44 lines of brushes are used for citrus products, whereas 24 or 34 lines of brushes are used for rather sensitive products, such as apples.

Nylon brushes are preferred for foaming, polyethylene brushes are preferred for rinsing and latex sponges are preferred for drying.


Foam generator: This is the section where detergent and water are mixed by a dosing pump. The foam amount is determined by setting the blade rotation speed via a frequency inverter.

Lift system: The system is developed for quick and practical replacement of brushes and sponges used in washing and waxing units. The upper section of the machine is separated from the bottom section with the motor and screw system, brushes and sponges can be replaced easily without the need for any tool. Brush hair thickness and softness varies depending on fruit variety. This system eases the use of proper brush type required for fruit variety.

Sweeping system: Products move by pushing each other in the washing and waxing units. If no product is delivered from previous unit for a certain period of time or at the end of daily task, the sweeping system is developed in order to prevent the excessive brushing of products. The sweeping system which can be operated by a time-adjusted sensor or a manual button moves the fruit on brushes out of the unit.

Pneumatic sponge squeeze system: Following the rinsing process, latex sponges are used in order to dry water drops on fruit surface. Water collected in latex sponges are transferred to the tbottom water tray by automatically operated pneumatic press rollers.