Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting



Hoppers are designed to feed machines or product lines, or act as a buffer in a processing line. The machine is extremely produce friendly, and the speed of the machine is adjustable.

This type is designed to work with cubic boxes and big-bags. Because of the angle of the machine, the flow of product will always be even. Furthermore, a frequency inverter is fitted to the machine, to make sure the flow of product is always adjustable.


•    Fingerroller set type 5-100:

Number of rolls: 5
Length rollers: 1000 mm
Diameter stars: 162 mm
Number of fingers: 6

•    2 belts to remove the mud from under the fingerroller set:

Length : 250 cm
Width : 60 cm
Belt is double thick PVC
Belt has two guideliners
Frame and rollers are galvanized
Belt is mounted to the hopper

•    Wheels : The machine can be fitted with wheels to make transportation of the machine easier.

•    Higher sidewalks : The machine can be fitted with higher sidewalks to increase the content of the machine.


Length : 3000 mm
Width belt : 1000 mm
Width total machine : 2100 mm
Max. input width : 1850 mm
Height input : adjustable
Height output : adjustable
Belt material : PVC
Speed : adjustable with frequency inverter
Motor : 0,37 kW 400:1
Angle Hopper carrots and potatoes : max.23o
Angle Hopper onions : max.20o
Estimated capacity / hour : 1,5 m3