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Packing Tables


Packing tables are the units assisting manual filling of sized fruits into boxes or trays by employees. Auxiliary units such as overhead cable conveyors for feeding empty boxes, full box conveyors, waste belts, etc. ensures a faster and more organized packing process.

Packing tables differ on the type of fruit to be packed. There are 3 different types of packing tables manufactured; sweeper packing tables, belt packing tables and telescopic packing tables.


Packing tables with sweeper:

These packing tables are suitable for citrus. Sized fruits moving on the belt are equally distributed to sponge coated chambers with the help of a sweeper. It is the most common and economical packing table solution for citrus. Depending on the model, it can direct the products from 2 sizes up to 8 sizes to the same packing table. There are models available in different lengths up to 25 meters long.



Telescopic packing tables:

This is a patented product of our company where products are equally distributed into chambers with the help of elongating telescopic belts. Since there is no sweeper, there is no contact with the product. Products are transferred directly from one end of the belt to the chambers. It is more sensitive compared to packing with sweepers and particularly preferred for mandarins packing. 2 or 4 different sizes of products can be forwarded to each packing table depending on the model. There are models available in different lengths up to 25 meters long.



Belt Packing Tables:

These are the packing tables preferred for more sensitive products such as apple and pears. Products are picked from the belt and packed, they are not collected in any chamber. There are two different models available. In the first model, belts are operated by photocells as the products arrive. When the product reaches the end of belt, the belts are stopped. In the second model, belts continuously run. At the end of each belt, a second belt carries products to the starting point and products pass through employees again.