Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting


Box Dumping Systems

Dry box dumper

This is a box dumping system developed for citrus.

Boxes placed manually or by the de-palletizer on conveyor, are tipped to the side by a chain and belt system, and the fruits are transferred to the next unit. Rubber coated chain or a rough top belt is used in order to prevent boxes from sliding.

A dust extraction system can be mounted over the dumper unit in order to prevent dusting. The dumper unit can be easily integrated to a de-palletizer and a box washing machine.

Dumping pool for boxes and bins

The system is developed for fruits requiring gentle dumping into water such as apples and pears.

Boxes and bins are dipped into water by a dumping robot and fruits are carried through a conveyor by the water flow.

Special filters and a cleaning window allow easy cleaning of foreign objects such as leaves and mud accumulated in water.

All parts used in this unit are made of stainless steel.