Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting


Length Grader

This machine is made for sorting out carrots or similar shaped products. The machine is designed to take out the oversized or undersized carrots. The length grader is designed to either take oversized carrots out, because these will not fit in the packaging, or to take out the broken and undersized carrots. This machine can be delivered with various numbers of gradings.

The bed of the grader is made from Stainless Steel, making sure the machine is 100% product safe. The frame is made from galvanized steel, to ensure a long life-span.


•    Transport belt : We can deliver a transport belt under the opening(s) of the machine, to transport the graded product.


Total width : 1450 mm
Total length : 2920 mm
Width of bed : 1200 mm
Number of openings : 3 + oversize
Range openings : 120 mm
Drive : vibration motors
Bed : stainless steel
Frame : galvanized