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Dry Brushing Units

This potato brush is designed to clean potatoes using brushes that have a wave shape. The transport in the potatoes is caused by mass. Underneath the brushes, a box or transport belt can be placed to collect the dust.


•    Waste transport belt : A waste transport belt can be fitted to transport the dust from the machine.

•    Machine on wheels : In some cases, it is needed to be able to transport the machine. Therefore, the machine can be fitted with wheels.

•    Waste box


Length : 2900 mm
Width of the brush : 1200 mm
Total width of the machine : 1400 mm
Height in / out feed : adjustable
Drive : 1,1 Kw 40:1
Number of rollers : 15
Number of brush rollers : 14
Smooth roller to remove the dirt : 1
Brush hardness : 0,60 mm
Brush roller bed : adjustable in angle
Machine on wheels : if needed