Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting


Onion Toppers

Onion toppers are designed to top the ‘tail’ of onions. This is done by rotating knifes under vibrating sieves. The vibrating sieves causes the 'tail' of the onions to fall through the sieves, and is then cut off by the knife. The sieves of the machines are very easy to change because of the 'quick lock' system. This onion toppers are designed to be extremely produce friendly, and safe to use.
Knives and propeller must be cleaned daily. Waste funnel, topping waste is caught in a 600 mm funnel.


•    Pre-grader : The pre-grader of the A1 onion topper will cause the undersize produce, and small waste, to fall through. This makes sure the undersize onions do not enter the machine, which creates dust and causes you to have to clean the machine more often

•    Extra set of 3 standard sieves

•    Frequency inverter  knife motors

•    Extra set of knifes for one propellor

•    Frequency inverter vibration motors : In some cases, it is needed that the sieves of the machine do not shake at full speed. This might occur when the produce is very delicate. In most cases however it is best to have the motor run at full speed.

•    Machine on wheels : In some cases it is needed to be able to transport the onion topper. We are able to fit the machine with wheels.


Total length : 4820 mm
Total width : 1900 mm
Total height : 2000 mm
Width of the sieve : 920 mm
Opening of the sieve (mm) : 25 mm
Vibration motors on the sieves : 0,37 Kw
Motor knife : 3 Kw
Protection against dust and noise : enclosed hoods
Waste belt onion topper 60x550 : 5500  x 600 – 0,75kW