Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting


Electronic Sorter


Electronic sorter is the heart of the fruit sorting and packing lines. High resolution cameras, image processing software, carriers, drop-outs work together in harmony to classify the fruits in an accurate and gentle way.

Drop-out brush and soft cushions are used at output belts for gentle products like apples and pears.

The user friendly interface of the TAREND fruit sorting technology, enables anyone with basic computer knowledge to use the system. Remote connection to the system allows instant performance checks, maintenance and service in an easy way.


The diameter and length of each product are calculated by using measurements taken from multiple images of the product from different angles. The center of gravity of the product and stem are detected by superior image processing software, for more accurate diameter measurements. Specially designed software algorithms enable fast and efficient measurement of product diameter, length, curvature and surface area.


The color of the fruit is one of the best indicators of quality and ripeness condition. The TAREND electronic sorting technology enables users to specify the colors on which the fruit will be graded by using live feedback from high-resolution cameras.


The unique carrier design and superior software technology enable precise weighing with a precision of +/- 0,5 grams. Deviations in weight due to temperature differences and dust build-up, are automatically detected and corrected by the software, and measurements are made at almost zero error rate.


For some properties of the fruit, the color module alone is not enough. Shape and context are also important to determine and distinguish specific properties, such as naval, stem, calyx, mould, scratches, and other defects. For these properties the intelligent external quality module is the solution.


The internal quality of products can be accurately measured by using the full transmittance technology developed by TAREND solution partners, which is used by only a few companies worldwide. Rot, brix, dry matter, acidity and ripeness can be determined accurately.


The TAREND Electronic Sorter technology enables precise sorting of all fresh fruits and vegetables within 30mm. to 130mm. diameter range based on the following specifications:

Important Aspects

  • Low cost, high quality and performance solutions,
  • Diameter & Length, Color, Weight, Internal Quality and External Quality modules,
  • Software technology enabling simultaneous measurement up to 24 lines
  • Speed up to 15 fruits/second,
  • User friendly interface,
  • Instant performance monitoring, service and maintenance with the remote connection feature