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Box Tippers

Box tippers are designed to feed processing lines or machines. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled.


•    Cage : Optionally it is possible to opt for a cage around the machine, to ensure safety for the staff. The cage is a very effective safety measure.

•    Dosing sensor : In some cases, it is not possible for the box tipper to empty a box at once. For these situations, we offer the dosing sensor. This dosing sensor detects when the produce piles up, and when the machine will be able to empty the bunker again.

•    Stainless steel : We are able to make machines from Stainless Steel on demand.

•    Remote control


Maximum Height : 3480 mm (adjustable)
Height machine in lower position : 1420 mm (adjustable)
Total width : 2480 mm
Maximum width of boxes : 1800 mm
Max angle : 140o 
Motor : 1,8 Kw 4.7 Amp
Switch left or right : adjustable
Cilinders : 2
Hydraulic oil : Hydro S32