Gentle, fast and
accurate sorting



When there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines. The machine can be integrated in a washing machine. 


•    Supply pump : In case that there is no supply pump available from the water source, we are able to deliver a high-quality supply pump for the machine.

•    Shower on the product belt : In some cases, especially when the produce is heavily polluted, it is wise to add an additional shower on the product belt. This shower will clean the produce from dirt and sand.


Width tank inlet : 1100 mm
Height input minimum : 1400 mm
Length without product belt : 2750mm
Length with outlet belt : 3400 mm
Width product belt : 800 mm
Product belt each 250 mm cleats : 20 mm height
Shower on product belt : on demand
Product belt motor : 1,5 kW
Outlet height of the product belt : adjustable
Width stone belt : 400 mm
Total length ( mm) : 4000
Cleats stone belt : height 30 mm
Minimum height above stone belt : ca.100 mm
Stone belt motor : 1,5 kW
Motor propeller : 5,5Kw / 1400 rpm
Propellor : with frequency inverter
Out feed pipe diameter : Ø125 mm
Outlet type : web belt
Recirculation pump / Supply pump : optional
Stainless steel machine : optional
Electric pneumatic valve for water adjustment : optional